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We offer urgent Alicante unblocking services for homes and businesses. ALWAYS With the best prices!

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Unblocking of Alicante pipes & Drains in homes and commercial premises.

From time to time, clogged pipes can occur in your home, business center or office. In these urgent circumstances, the important thing is to solve the problem as soon as possible, and for that the best thing you can do is contact us, because we serve especially unblocking drains in Alicante (Spain). We are close to you. We ourselves present you a pipe unblocking and cleaning service in Alicante, we are characterized by the incorporation of high-end technological tools that help make the procedure simpler and more efficient, as well as our great dedication and knowledge in the area.

Common drains in Alicante

Among the most common services we perform are:
  • Clogged sinks: One of the most typical problems is this, because the sink is used several times a day, so it easily collects garbage in an exaggerated way . That is why at our unblocking company in Alicante we are more than prepared to fix this common problem with the best tools and our extensive professional experience. In fact, this is one of the most frequent reasons why different homes or businesses turn to us.
  • Clogging of the shower: This problem is easy to recognize, it happens when the shower tray does not absorb water properly or when it allows water to be expelled.
  • Toilet blockage : We found this obstruction can be the most unpleasant, but it is also one of the most common. This type of toilet blockage occurs when the user throws paper into the toilet or other huge ones. But, for this you do not have to worry, we are prepared to attend to any inconvenience of this type.
Are you worried about inconveniences in your home or business? We use professional technology to remove blockages from pipes. Our significant experience in this field allows us to provide a plurality of services. We can use work tools of recognized quality to unclog the sink at home. We also admit more complex challenges, as proven by our septic tank cleaning service. We help you keep your commercial facilities in perfect condition. We provide a 24-hour unblocking service in Alicante, we are the ideal unblocking company to deal with emergency situations at home or in your business. We always keep telephone hotlines free even for locate water leaks in Alicante or fix downspouts on facades and interior patios.
Empresa Desatascos en Alicante Urgentes

Precios desatascos en Alicante

Contamos con equipos especiales para desatascar con total garantía y no romper las cañerías del interior de una hogar o negocio.

Nuestro precio de desatasco por hora es de 155 €

Disponemos de equipos singulares para solventar los atranques en arquetas. El precio para desatascar arquetas es de 165 euros por hora.

Economic solutions for blocking drains.

Call us and tell us what you need, we are specialists for urgent unblocking in Alicante and surroundings. Request a no-obligation quote now for Unblocking pipes in Cartagena or Unblocking Benidorm drains.

Desatascos urgentes a particulares en Alicante

Desatascos en viviendas de Alicante.

We are specialists as unblocking company in Alicante to clean and unblock any type of pipe, even in an emergency, with a 24-hour service.

We have eliminated annoying water leaks during the cleaning process, and we comply with the professional protocol for unclogging sinks. This allows us to work harder to develop drainage techniques in bathrooms and kitchens.

Do you need specific services?

We have it! Our diverse services let us face any situation. Our experts provide advice to prevent future breakdowns or blockages.

We know that clogged pipes can cause a lot of inconvenience for the family. Our promise is to help you regain the calm you deserve.

What should we do?

Provide renovating solutions for the home, such as cleaning septic tanks in Alicante.

Contact us and take advantage of our 100% adapted attention.

Remember, our business has specialists with extensive verifiable experience in professional poaching. We are agile, reliable and demanding in results. On the other hand, in difficult times such as floods, we offer the service of water extraction in garages. Basements, Perkins, etc.

  • Unblocking pipes and downspouts Alicante
  • Unblocking rainwater networks
  • Unblocking with Pressure Trucks
  • Sink and drain repair
  • Cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks
  • Septic Tank Maintenance Contract
  • Water leaks in heating circuits
  • Detection of water leaks in swimming pools
  • Detection of hidden leaks in communities
  • Alicante sink unblocking
  • Toilet unblocking Alicante
  • Bathtub Clogs
  • Alicante manhole unblocking
  • Sewage network unblocking
  • Repair of Pipes in Homes and Swimming Pools
  • Arrangement of Downspouts

Desatascos Jota

Desatascos Alicante - Costa Blanca - Urgentes

We carry out urgent Alicante – Alicante unblocking using technological equipment that allows us to speed up the process. Thanks to this, we have renovating services such as our unblocking with a camera.

Being aware of the main breakdowns in the pipes are in businesses and neighboring communities.

For this reason, we carry out sewer unblocking to improve hygiene in the area. For this, we locate sewer obstructions, identify problems and suggest solutions to achieve lasting results.

We are specialists in cleaning and unblocking the sewerage network, and we clean and correct failures in the drainage system.

We are open twenty-four hours a day to deal with emergencies effectively. Our other listed services include cleaning of pipes and downspouts and cleaning services for stormwater networks. We have adopted a safer and less invasive work system, which allows us to manage great costs.

As a cheap unblocking company in Alicante we offer service in Alicante, we continue to improve due to our technical support. We use technology in the tank trucks with pressurized water, which allows us to correct very large traffic jams.

Desatascos Alicante 24 horas

Guaranteed savings and peace of mind

Prevent the loss of water in your home or business from making you spend more, obtain customized solutions with our plumbing services. Meet our incredible low costs. Obtain an immediate budget for economic unblocking and without commitments.
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We continue to add a long list of satisfied customers. We improve as a company specialized in unblocking in Alicante. Discover the quality and punctuality that characterizes us.

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